TanOrganic Mom on the Run Bundle

    TanOrganic Mom on the Run Bundle

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    The Mom on the Run bundle includes all your tanning essentials to help with the hectic 'back to school' season. Bundles includes the Tanning Facial Mist & the Eco Towels.
    • The TanOrganic Self Tan Facial Mist is a moisturising mist that dries in seconds. The innovative spray applicator delivers an ultra-fine mist for that perfect coverage. Featuring an increased level of organic certified tanning active, to ensure a longer lasting tan that fades off perfectly. Enriched with a cocktail of plant oils to rejuvenate your skin, the TanOrganic Self Tan Facial Mist goes on like silk and develops into a bronzed, golden tan that leaves your skin glowing.
    • Achieve a skincare glow with TanOrganic easy-to-use Self Tan Eco Towels. A pack of two biodegradable towels saturated with a certified organic dry oil formula which deeply moisturises the skin for a healthy bronze glow that lasts for 7 to 10 days. They're suitable for use on the face and body, and they contain TanOrganic's hero dry oil formula for an invisible and rapidly-drying application that develops to give you a deeper bronzed glow.



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