Introducing the TanOrganic Tanning Facial Mist

by Noelle OConnor on February 26, 2021
Introducing the TanOrganic Tanning Facial Mist

Say hello to your new flawless filter…

No make-up days just got a whole lot better thanks to our newest product launch.

You can now achieve a natural bronzed glow and instant hydration boost with just one application of our lightweight Tanning Facial Mist. The innovative spray applicator delivers an ultra-fine mist that ensures a perfect and even coverage every time.

You no longer need a lengthy makeup routine that takes up time and effort as our Tanning Facial Mist is a great alternative, especially while mask wearing is still mandatory. Mascne has become a huge problem for people in the last year, but luckily for you our facial tan formula is non-comedogenic, so you won’t have to worry about blocked pores or breakouts.

Unlike most facial tans on the market, our tanning facial mist won’t dry out your skin as it’s enriched with a cocktail of plant oils, which moisturise and rejuvenate your skin. The Tanning Facial Mist is bursting with skin loving ingredients such as aloe vera & borage oil, which both contain antioxidants, enzymes, and are highly anti-inflammatory.

Similar to all TanOrganic products, the Tanning Facial Mist is free from all parabens, synthetics and toxins. Check out the image below to see some more of the great benefits of using our mist.

Directions for use:

Step 1: Ensure your face is clean and dry.

Step 2: Hold the nozzle 15cm from the face, close eyes and mist over entire face and neck.

Step 3: Use a brush to blend out across neck and into hairline. Allow to dry before applying make-up or sleeping.

Step 4: Leave to develope for 4-8 hours.

TIP: for best results leave on overnight.

You can shop the TanOrganic Tanning Facial Mist here for only €29.99!

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