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As TanOrganic is free from all nasties, including synthetic ingredients, parabens and alcohol, we are the preferred tan to use while pregnant! Up to 64% of product applied to your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, and luckily enough all our products are bursting with natural and organic ingredients that will add to your pregnancy glow!

As TanOrganic is completely chemical free and has no nasty ingredients or colourings, we are the preferred tanning range among persons undergoing treatments. We aim to improve the wellbeing of our customers by providing them with skin loving products and ingredients that will give them a confidence boost and healthy glow.

We are as kind to your skin as we are to the planet. We use completely recyclable packaging on all our products! However, sometimes our couriers’ packaging requirements force us to use resources outside of this realm. We don't have the power to change this, and unfortunately, there is no other way of getting our products into your hands! If you would like any additional information on our packaging please don't be afraid to contact us at info@tanorganic.com.

    Good news - Our product range is specially formulated for all skin types and complexions, and they’re ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin. We use ingredients that hydrate, nourish and heal the skin, so our products can also be used on those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

    Looking for the ‘glow down’ on achieving the perfect tan? You’ve come to the right place. Follow our tips below to get gorgeous, glowing skin every time.

    • The key to the perfect tan is exfoliating! Be sure to scrub off any dead skin in the shower before applying tan.
    • It’s important to moisturise any dry areas (usually elbows, knees, feet etc) before applying tan to stop it from building up and sticking to these troublesome areas.
    • Apply the tan in circular motions to avoid streaks. It usually helps to do two layers to ensure you don’t miss any areas. Let your tan dry before getting dressed, then wash off 4-8 hours later to reveal a streak free, flawless finish.

    You can check out some of our blog posts to get some more in depth top tips!

      We recommend that you do a patch test 48 hours before applying tan to ensure you don’t get a reaction. All our products are combined with hydrating, natural, and organic ingredients which are nourishing to all skin types. However, in the unfortunate case that you have a skin reaction, we wouldn't want it to go unnoticed. Please send an email to info@tanorganic.com with all the information about your reaction, including a picture, and we will get back to you shortly.

      Get your desired colour first time around!

      We currently have four core tanning products, from light to dark.

      • The Self-tan Oil leaves your skin with a light
      • The Self-tan Lotion leaves your skin with a medium
      • The Self-tan Mousse leaves your skin with a medium, dark
      • The Dark Self-tan Mousse leaves your skin with a dark

      All products can be layered on for more coverage and a deeper colour.

      • If you purchased the product from the TanOrganic website, please contact info@tanorganic.com. Please also provide your order number and include photographs of the fault.
      • If you purchased the product from a pharmacy or salon, please bring the product and receipt back to the place of purchase. We cannot replace products that were not bought from the website.

      We are always happy to discuss new partnerships! If you would like to get in touch about opening an account with us, please email your information over to info@tanorganic.com. Please include your company name, link to your website and any additional info that may be helpful to us.

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