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Introducing TanOrganic Self-Tan Eco Towels

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The wait is over – you can now get your hands on the newest addition to the TanOrganic family. Say hello to your new best friend... 

For only €5.99, the Self-Tan Eco Towels are the ultimate travel tanning must-have! These handy tanning towels will leave you with a gorgeous medium glow that lasts up to 10 day. They can be used for touching up and refreshing your TanOrganic tan, or they can also be used for a head-to-toe bronzed look all on their own. The Eco Towels glide smoothly for a streak-free, fool proof application in just one use.

The Self Tan Eco Towels utilise the brands HERO dry oil formula for an invisible and rapid-drying application, so you can say goodbye to orange hands and bedsheets! They take 4-8 hours to develop for a deep bronzed glow and each 10ml eco towel is enough for a generous half body coverage. 

Similar to all TanOrganic products, the Self Tan Eco Towels are packed with skincare heroes such as aloe vera & borage oil which can be used on the face & body to give your skin a healthy, radiant look from within. Take a look at some of the benefits of the Self-tan Eco Towels below.

And the best part is, they couldn't be easier to use!

Directions for use: 
Remove the towel from the sachet and wipe onto clean, exfoliated skin in large circular motions. Use a clean damp cloth to remove excess tan from the heel of the hand, knuckles, elbows, knees, and side of the feet. Wash hands thoroughly and immediately afterwards. Allow 4-8 hours for your tan to fully develop. Tanning time & development may vary depending on skin type.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get your tan on and get glowing with theTanOrganic Self-Tan Eco Towels which you can buy for only €5.99 here!


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