TanOrganic Self Tan Eco Towels
TanOrganic Self Tan Eco Towels 10 X 10ml (10 Pack)
TanOrganic Self Tan Eco Towels 10 X 10ml (10 Pack)
Bronzed Glow tan towels

    TanOrganic Self Tan Eco Towels 10 X 10ml (10 Pack)

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    Achieve a skin care ingredient glow with TanOrganic easy-to-use Self Tan Eco Towels

    It's a pack of 10 biodegradable towels saturated with a certified organic dry oil formula that deeply moisturizes the skin for a healthy bronze glow that lasts for 7 to 10 days.

    Suitable for use on the face and body, TanOrganic Eco Towels contain
    the brand's hero dry oil formula for an invisible and rapidly-drying application that
    develops to give you a deeper bronzed glow.

    Each 10ml eco towel is enough for the generous half-body coverage of your choice. Let it work its magic for a natural looking and even tan, without the mess of orange hands and bedsheets.

    • Irish Made
    • Medium Tan
    • Vegan Society Certified
    • Cruelty-Free Certified
    • No Synthetic Fragrance
    • No Synthetic Colours
    • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Borage Oil
    • Ideal For Travel With No Liquid


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