Say Goodbye to streaky tan…

by Noelle OConnor on July 07, 2020
Say Goodbye to streaky tan…

Say Goodbye to streaky tan and messy bed sheets with organic colour guides!

Have you ever felt you applied your tan “perfectly” before bed but woke up to a tan disaster or the other nightmare “ALL my tan came off in the shower”?

Understanding what a colour guide is will help prevent these disasters from happening again!

Colour guides are present in all fake tans, whether it is a mousse, oil or lotion. The dark fake tan colour that you spread on your skin is called the colour guide. This is not your actual developed tan colour; it is simply a guide to where you are applying your tan. Fake tan normally takes between 6-8 hours to develop. Most colour guides contain synthetics which are why they appear a deep colour on application, however these synthetic colours compared to natural colouring can cause skin sensitivity, rashes and irritation and are not kind to your skin.

Tan Organic’s colour guide is different to others as it only uses food colouring in the colour guide. Tan Organic is made up of natural ingredients hence the colour guide appears as a lighter colour compared to other fake tans, but this does not affect the result which develops in 6-8 hours. The key to streak free tan is to spread the tan in circular motions covering all the areas you would like to tan. With Tan Organic you will achieve an evenly developed, all over beautiful golden tan and less mess on your sheets and in the shower!

In short, the initial tan application colour is only a guide of where you are applying your fake tan and not the actual tan! Keep calm and go organic, and remember to use circular motions. 🙂

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